Level Up Your Self-Guided Coaching with Our eLearning Solutions

Designed for aspiring and seasoned leaders alike, these courses offer a proven path to enhance your leadership skills, grow your influence and improve your overall wellbeing.

Self-Leadership Series

elearning for leadership

We’ve packaged our self-leadership coaching content and frameworks into three digital courses for you to work through on your own time and at your own pace.

Prioritize your self-leadership with our new series designed to help you live and lead with greater purpose so that you can maximize your impact and achieve your goals.

Live with Purpose

This digital course walks you through the process of creating your personal Life Plan. You’ll identify the key areas and relationships in your life that you want to invest in daily to achieve your goals.

Lead with Vision

In this course you’ll build your personal vision for your career and leadership. We’ll walk you through a proven process to identify your purpose, convictions, areas for development and career goals.

Execute with Excellence

In this course you’ll build your Focus Plan and Ideal Week to keep your goals, disciplines and projects top of mind as you strive to lead with purpose in all areas of your life and career.

Becoming a Coaching Leader

Leader coaching direct report

Unlock your potential as a coaching leader with our transformative course. You’ll learn the art and skill of coaching your team to reach their full potential while achieving new levels of success in your role.

Daniel Harkavy, Founder/CEO of Building Champions, will walk you step-by-step through a proven model that will transform your leadership and allow you to deliver extraordinary results for your people and organization.

Digital Course Overview


Exploring Employee Engagement
Define employee engagement and the role you play in improving it


Becoming a Coaching Leader
Understand what sets coaching leaders apart—and how your beliefs and mindset drive your results


Developing Your Coaching Skills
Explore the key skills you need to be a great coaching leader—and how to develop and sharpen them


Focusing Your Efforts
Unpack the four most important conversations that fuel engagement


Building Your Structure
Build the right structure to help you be an effective coaching leader


Putting It Into Action
Take everything you’ve learned and turn it into an actionable plan

What’s Included:

  • More than four hours of high-quality video and audio lessons

  • Participant workbook to guide your experience and accelerate your learning

  • Interactive reflection exercises and quizzes for immediate application

  • Proven tools to help you coach with excellence

  • Lifetime access on any device