Developing Leadership Skills in Your Organization

Partner with us to craft an inspirational vision and customized leadership development strategy. Foster a greater sense of belonging and increase the capacity for leadership within your organization.

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A New Leadership Approach to an Evolving Work Landscape

Our culture is fundamentally shifting, and with it, our collective expectations around how we live and work. With an emphasis on legacy, fulfillment and wholly engaged leadership, Building Champion’s unique and personalized approach to coaching has never been more vital.

Worker Disengagement
is Rising

Burnout and stress are at all-time highs across professions, employee engagement is falling and the Great Resignation rages on.

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Employees Are Craving Better Leaders

  • 70% of the variance in an employees engagement is tied to the manager

  • Only 12% of employees feel their managers do enough to engage them

  • 2/3 of employees would forgo a pay raise to see their manager fired

  • Millennials and Gen Z want team leaders who can coach them, who value them as individuals and as employees, and who can develop them

Respond by Building a Culture of Coaching

Become an organization that people want to belong to and help build. Transform your managers into Coaching Leaders by equipping them to:

  • Lead in a way that employees will want to follow

  • Coach to the “whole-person” when engaging employees

  • Inspire teams to engage and deliver extraordinary results

  • Develop a culture that attracts and retains the best talent

The ROI of Leadership Coaching

Trusted Partner

Leverage our leadership expertise in working with organizations of all sizes around the world.

Organizational Impact

Collaborate on solutions that bring inspiration and development to the entire organization.

Measurable Results

We monitor growth and the impact of leadership skills in your organization so you can be confident in your investment.

Leadership Coaching

Customized Solutions for Organizational Success

Every organization is unique in its strengths, its challenges and its path forward. Work with us to choose from a wide range of coaching solutions to build a plan for boosting engagement and driving results across all levels of your organization. Choose from…

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1-on-1 Coaching

Select from a range of personalized engagements that guide and inspire your people toward making giant strides in the areas of self-leadership, team effectiveness and organizational impact.

Team Coaching

Choose from our suite of collective coaching experiences—from team workshops to executive retreats—aimed at strengthening community and equipping your teams with the tools they need to drive your business forward.

Corporate Events

Our coaching experiences are centered around today’s most relevant leadership topics. Your team will work with a coach to help accelerate learning, fuel connection and develop new leadership skills within your organization.


Increase self-awareness across your organization while gaining deeper insights into the strengths, motivations, working styles and blind spots of your people with our series of personal assessments.


Provide your employees with a host of self-guided educational opportunities from our series of e-learning courses designed to introduce participants to Building Champions’ foundational principles and guide them through some of our core tools and practices.

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Our team is now better equipped to lead.

“Since working with Building Champions, we’ve seen tremendous improvements in our culture and performance. Our people are now better equipped to lead and communicate with their teams, which has resulted in improved alignment, employee engagement, and team health. I’m seeing our vision being lived out across our entire organization, which means less ‘me’ and more ‘we’. Therefore, we are acting as one team and are able to achieve even greater results than ever before.”

Martin Daum

Chief Executive
Daimler Trucks AG

Explore what Building Champions can do for you.

How it Works

1. Schedule a Free Consultation

We’ll begin with an in-depth conversation to better understand your unique needs and provide you with guidance.

2. Co-Create
Your Strategy

Working together we will create a leadership development strategy that focuses on both people and results within your organization.

3. Maximize
Your Impact

Build community while equipping and inspiring your team to lead better and achieve new levels of success.