Elevate Your Leadership

Take your career to the next level with leadership skill training and coaching designed to help you lead with greater purpose, develop people and achieve your goals.

elevate coaching

What’s included in Elevate Coaching?

Each of our Elevate Coaching experiences include the following for participants:

  • 6-month engagement

  • 12 guided sessions with a dedicated coach

  • Plans to help you increase your leadership effectiveness

  • Assessments to grow your self-awareness

  • Lifetime access to tools and guides to use on your leadership journey

  • Access to our Building Champions eLearning Platform

Which Focus Is Right For You? 

Elevate Your Self-Leadership


Coaching focused on improving how you lead yourself in four key areas:

Create a life plan to invest in your life so you can bring energy and passion to those you love, lead and serve.

Career Vision
Cast a vision for your career that identifies your leadership purpose, values, areas for development, and career goals.

Get clarity on your role, set goals, and identify the high-payoff activities that increase your contribution and lead to success.

Learn to set boundaries and create the right rhythms and routines to help you stay productive and focused on your goals and success.

Elevate Your Team Leadership

elevate leadership

Coaching focused on enhancing your team leadership and effectiveness in four key areas:

Leadership Mindset
Identify limiting beliefs you have around leadership and learn to leverage lifting beliefs to increase your leadership effectiveness.

Team Vision
Create a vision for your team that includes shared purpose and goals that will inspire your team and drive results.

Identify the key ingredients of a healthy and high-performing team while developing a plan to leverage your leadership role.

Team Performance
Create a simple plan to stay aligned on shared goals, disciplines, and projects to help drive results and engagement.

Elevate Your Coaching Leadership

elevate your coaching leadership

Coaching focused on equipping you to drive results and develop your people

Coaching Mindset
Understand how to develop and leverage the mindset of a coach as you lead and develop your team to achieve success.

Identify and master the essential skills needed to effectively coach your direct reports, including active listening, asking powerful questions, leveraging goals, and providing feedback.

Coaching Conversations
Develop your ability to facilitate effective conversations around the most important areas of performance and development.

Coaching Systems
Learn how to use a proven set of tools and processes to increase your efficiency and effectiveness as a coaching leader.

The Elevate Coaching Journey

Step 1:

Discovery Call

During this call with our sales team, we’ll get to know you and your development goals. Based on our conversation with you, we’ll recommend a coach for you to interview and potentially work with on your coaching journey.

Step 2:

Coach Interview & Selection

During this call you’ll interview a recommended coach to ensure a good match between your needs and their background and skills. Use this call to ask questions about the coach’s real-world experience and coaching style.

Step 3:

Complete Your Onboarding

The next step in your coaching journey is to complete your coaching questionnaire and initial leadership assessments. You’ll work with our Client Experience Team to create your Client Portal and schedule your first session with your coach.

Step 4:

First Session With Your Coach

This initial extended session (1-hour) is all about building connection and gaining a deeper understanding of who you are and your goals. You and your coach will explore the commitments you’re making to one another, review your initial assessments, and discuss the framework of your specific Elevate engagement.

Step 5:

Ongoing Coaching Sessions

You and your coach will meet twice a month for 30-minutes. You’ll review your progress, discuss key leadership skills, and focus on your leadership development. In between sessions, you’ll create your plans and engage in reflection exercises to review with your coach.

Step 6:

Final Session With Your Coach

In this extended final session (1-hour) you and your coach will review your key deliverables from the program, celebrate your improvements, and discuss your key areas for growth in the months ahead.

Our Elevate Coaches

Testimonials from Clients

I will carry the skills I’ve learned for the rest of my life!

“I have far greater clarity on what my priorities are, the things I do, or don’t do, that can lead me to where I want to go. I know how to be much more proactive rather than reactive. I will carry the skills I’ve learned with me for the rest of my life!”

Brennan - Graphic Designer

Every aspect of this coaching program built upon each other.

“I really appreciated how the program required me to reflect and define thoughts and objectives in terms of leadership and my team. Every aspect of the coaching program built upon each other.”

Leslie - Business Manager

My ability to coach my team has improved because of this program!

“My ability to effectively coach my team has improved because of this program! I am confident in my skills, and the impact my coaching is now having on my direct reports. I’m implementing everything I learned from my coach!”