Our Approach to Leadership Development

At Building Champions, we create customized coaching engagements that focus on both the beliefs and behaviors of great leadership. We guide leaders, teams and organizations that want to be healthy, high-performing and have a greater impact on everyone they serve.

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What Makes Us Unique

Real World Experience

We’ve assembled a diverse, passionate and successful team of coaches who bring a wealth of lived executive experience from across a broad range of industries. They have proven track records of achieving results and are uniquely qualified to connect with, relate to and earn the respect of our clients.

United in Purpose

All our coaches work directly for Building Champions and are dedicated to the shared purpose of taking a personalized, wholehearted and holistic approach to leadership development, ensuring excellence and accountability in each coaching engagement.

Common Language

While each of our coaches bring a unique voice, they all utilize the frameworks and tools of The One-on-One Coaching System® to build common language and synergy within your teams and culture.

Beliefs and Behaviors

At Building Champions, we focus on both the beliefs and the behaviors of great leadership, equipping and inspiring leaders to build dynamic cultures that drive organizational excellence and extraordinary results for all stakeholders.

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What We Believe

Building Champions has been guiding leaders, teams and organizations for over 25 years. These are the beliefs and mindsets that have guided us and have proven successful, time and time again.

Better Humans Make
Better Leaders

The driving principle behind our proven coaching strategy is that exceptional people form the foundation of true champions. Winners, yes. But also advocates and supporters of the people and purposes they serve. Individuals with the integrity to stand by their convictions in the face of adversity. Leaders driven to inspire, encourage and succeed, not only for the benefit of themselves but for the greater whole.

Coach to the
Whole Person

We, as people, are not siloed in the various parts of our lives. Who we are at home impacts who we are at work. What we experience in our personal lives colors how we perform in our professional ones. That is why we approach every engagement with the intention of elevating the whole person.

Self-Leadership Precedes
Team Leadership

Great leaders know they must be at their best to give their best, so they make on-going self-leadership a top priority in all areas of their life and business.

Leadership is

Successful leaders know they’ve never truly arrived, and are humble enough to admit there is always room to grow and improve. Our culture is perpetually shifting, and with it, our collective expectations around how we live and work. That is why we maintain a humble, flexible approach to leadership coaching, while maintaining an emphasis on legacy, fulfillment and wholly engaged leadership.

Leadership is Simple,
Not Easy

A leader’s effectiveness will be defined by just two things: the decisions they make and the influence they have. Leaders must fight distractions to keep their focus on these two areas so they can add the most value to their team, organization and customers.

It’s About Results
and Relationships

In business and in life, results matter. Yet, truly exceptional results cannot be achieved alone. Leaders must inspire their teams, invest in the people around them and work together toward a common purpose. By pursuing both results and relationships, successful leaders can create healthy cultures that bring out the best in their people and fuel even greater success.