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Through our unique, holistic, personalized approach to executive coaching and leadership development, Building Champions guides entrepreneurs, leaders, teams and organizations toward peak performance, efficacy and fulfillment.

Better Humans
Make Better Leaders

At Building Champions, we believe a truly successful person is a wholly successful person. That’s why we aspire to go beyond developing effective leaders, to fostering exceptional people. People with great integrity, a clarity of vision and a sound sense of purpose and fulfillment.

building champions

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For more than 25 years, our diverse team of experienced executive coaches have been utilizing our unique and proven strategy of helping leaders hone in on:

  • The direction and shape they want their lives to take;

  • An articulate vision for their business and industry;

  • Cohesive plans for realizing their life and work ambitions;

  • Effective tools and strategies for executing those plans.

To achieve the ultimate goal of transforming the lives, the careers and the businesses we work with.

A Transformational Experience

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Across the board, Building Champions’ clients have reported noticeable improvements in:

  • Personal well-being

  • Professional performance

  • Making progress toward accomplishing goals

  • Decision-making

  • Impact and influence on others

  • Leadership effectiveness

Who We
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Dedicated coaches work with leaders at all levels to help them forge a path to the best version of themselves, maximizing their impact in all areas of their life and business.


Our collective coaching experiences strengthen community, empower individuals and supercharge communication, maximizing your teams’ overall impact and effectiveness.


Our curated leadership development programs scale up through every tier of your organization to strategically increase engagement and deliver results.

coaching champions

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One of Building Champions’ foundational beliefs is that self-leadership precedes team leadership. That’s why at the core of everything we do—from individual leadership development to organization-wide coaching engagements—is a focus on building a culture of self-leadership from within.

Featured Clients

DAIMLER Featured Client
Hoffman Construction Company
Bristol Myers Squibb Featured Client
Nike Featured Client
Chick-Fil-A Featured Client
ChenMed Featured Client
BlueCross BlueShield Featured Client
Meijer Featured Client
PrimeLending Featured Client


Outstanding support and quality training.

Working with Building Champions has given us the opportunity to develop our people to be the best they can be. And not only does that bring out their full potential, it brings out ours as a company.

Eileen Frack

General Manager of Human Resources,
Daimler Trucks North America

More than just a team coaching program.

The opportunity to clarify my Business Vision and Life Plan while providing additional accountability to make them happen has been very helpful.

Tim Tassopoulous

President and Chief Operator Officer,
Chick-fil-A, Inc.