Team Workshops

Our team engagements are designed for learning, collaboration, and immediate application for your leaders. Pick one of our popular topics or let us create a customized one tailored to your team’s unique needs!

team workshops

Customized Content

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Virtual or In-person

Maximize team performance and results

Our team workshops are designed for learning, collaboration and immediate application for your leaders. We follow a simple but powerful framework:

  • Connect participants to the content and each other

  • Experience thought leadership and ideas to increase understanding

  • Apply key concepts, tools and resources to improve performance

  • Extend the engagement with follow-up activities and commitments

Our coach did an amazing job today! The energy and content he delivered was exactly what the support leadership team needed, and I have received positive feedback throughout, and after, the session.
— Brian, CFO in Health Care Industry

Pick one of our popular team workshops or let us create a customized one tailored to your team’s unique needs!

  • Self-Leadership

    Help your leaders understand the importance of balancing work and life.

  • Coaching Leadership

    Transform your managers into leaders focused on development and results.

  • Leading Through Uncertainty

    Help your leaders achieve results while navigating change & uncertainty.

  • Emotional Intelligence

    Understand how our emotions and those of others impact collaboration and results.

  • Leadership Operating System

    Explore the impact of mindset on team dynamics, performance and results.

  • Team Health

    Examine the common ingredients all healthy teams share.

  • Productivity

    Learn to quiet the distractions and focus on what matters most to achieve success.

  • Feedback Phobia

    Learn how to deliver and accept feedback with the right mindset to promote growth.

  • Effective Communication

    Explore barriers to effective communication and how to overcome them.

  • 7 Perspectives of Effective Leaders

    Learn a simple framework to improve your decisions and maximize your influence.

  • Team Vision

    Understand the key elements of a team vision and how to leverage them for success.

  • Leading without Authority

    Explore the best practices to influence and drive results in cross-functional teams.

The Virtual Workshop Experience

  • Interactive presentation designed to engage and help participants understand the importance and impact of the topic  (15min)

  • Small group discussion facilitated by coaches to help participants reflect so they can own the topic and recognize its effect on them  (30 min)

  • Interactive presentation designed to equip participants with tips and strategies they can immediately implement to see better results  (15min)

  • Small group discussion facilitated by coaches to help participants focus on the key actions they will take to spark change and improvement  (30 min)