Team Coaching

Our collective coaching experiences strengthen community, empower individuals and supercharge communication, maximizing your teams’ overall impact and effectiveness.

$9,000/Group of 10

group coaching program

Increase Engagement

Equip Your Team

Drive Results


Team Coaching
Designed for Impact

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  • Six one-hour virtual sessions

  • Up to 10 participants per group

  • A mix of presentations, discussion, and coaching

  • Access to proven tools to help increase adoption

Choose one of our topics or bring your own!

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Maximize Your

If you are looking to bring your best to those you love, lead, and serve, then it starts with how you lead yourself. These sessions will explore the key elements of self-leadership and best practices for you to be the best version of yourself in work and life. Coaching topics include:

  • Mindset

  • Wellbeing

  • Purpose

  • Focus

  • Productivity

  • Performance

Create Dynamic Cultures

Creating healthy and high-performing teams doesn’t happen by accident. These sessions equip leaders with proven best practices to bring out the best in their people, increase engagement, drive results, and maximize their leadership impact. Coaching topics include:

  • Engagement

  • Team Purpose

  • Connection and Belonging

  • Performance & Accountability

  • Team Meetings

  • Healthy Conflict


In today’s workplace, women have the opportunity to provide a fresh perspective, decisive leadership, and help organizations accomplish their vision. In these group sessions, we’ll explore the challenges and opportunities for women in leadership as well as actions they can take to increase their overall influence and effectiveness as leaders. Coaching topics include:

  • Executive Presence

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  • Wellbeing

  • Self-Advocacy

  • Leading through Uncertainty

  • Setting Boundaries

Becoming a
Coaching Leader

Employees are looking for more than a paycheck and a promise of a promotion. Instead, they are looking for a place where they can belong, contribute meaningful work and have opportunities to grow and develop. These sessions will help your managers to become effective coaching leaders. Coaching topics include:  

  • Engagement

  • Mindset of a Coach

  • Coaching Skills

  • Development Conversations

  • Structure & Systems

  • Being a Coaching Leader

Sales Leadership

Leading sales professionals today requires great decision making and tremendous influence – anchored by a unique ability to develop strong relationships while delivering extraordinary results. In these sessions, we’ll explore the mindset and behaviors of high-performing sales leaders. Coaching topics include: 

  • Champion Mindset

  • Team Vision

  • Feedback & Accountability

  • Recruiting & Retention

  • Operational Excellence

  • Wellbeing

Increase Your
Sales Production

The group coaching experience is designed to help sales professionals master strategies and tactics for sustainable business development and lead generation. In these sessions we’ll explore both the beliefs and behaviors of high-performing sales professionals.

  • Top Producer Mindset

  • Business Planning

  • Lead Generation

  • Personal Wellbeing

  • Managing Priorities

  • Implementation & Performance

How it Works

1. Identify Your Group of Leaders

Select the group of leaders in your organization to participate in team coaching.

2. Choose Your Team Coaching Topic

Identify the team coaching series that will meet the needs of your leaders.

3. Start Meeting With Your Coach

As a team, meet with your coach every two weeks for an hour to achieve your development goals.